Saturday, 2 November 2013

Kyle Leon Reviews - Increase in size

Growth refers to the increase in size of the body or of its parts and development refers to functional changes that occur with growth.

Several studies in children and adolescents have shown the benefit of physical activity in stimulating growth and development, prevention of obesity, increase bone mass, increased insulin sensitivity, improved lipid profile, decreased blood pressure, development of socialization and ability to work in a team 1.2 . Health Fitness

What is not clear and become the subject of conflict between parents, doctors and patients is the definition of what would be the best sport and physical activity to stimulate the growth and development of children and adolescents.

Nose offices are common questions like: "What sport do you (a) recommend to help my son with stature to grow?

My son can already do weight training? ";" It is true that gymnastics and basketball increases decreases predict final height? "," ballet dancers stop menstruating?

“Physical activity improving bone development?’ 3

However, the exercise performed close to the maximum growth rate, i.e. at the beginning of puberty is more effective for enhancing bone mass gain 1.4. Fat Loss

Estrogenic effects of exercise depend yet the magnitude of the load and the frequency of application that, when repeated, resulting in hypertrophy Osseo.

As regards the question of longitudinal bone growth, it was found through the cited study, which cannot be stated with certainty that the weight behind damage to young individual.

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