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Belly dancing can help you reinforce the front, bottom and side abs and lower back muscles

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Belly dancing, along with developing sensuality, perfect for exercise, which is the best it consists of a series of movements that will strengthen the strained your body in the right places (leaving curves, solving the fat from unwanted places).

And, belly dancing is not difficult to learn, even if you have no experience with dance or if the letter as Antitalent dancing. With the help of a great YouTube video channel Howcast try these seven movements, danced them once a day and you will see a clear difference after a few weeks ... first the basic movement of the hips. Fat Loss Program -

The most basic movement in belly dance properly "wiggle" hips, and you can pretty easy to learn. This movement is fantastic because it exercises all its "core," or front and side abdominal and lower back muscles, and even the leg muscles. Once you master the basic movements of the hips, even if you can not immediately go full speed (it is much more important than speed technique), we recommend that you find a song that can track your pace zibanja hips. 2nd Hands like snakes.

A great way to tighten your hands this movement which hands imitate the elegant movements of snakes. This you will not initially seem to be a very challenging exercise - but after a few minutes you will feel the tension in the muscles. Continue this for as long as the longest you. Third Small circles hips

If you want a simple exercise to tighten abs - small circles hips are great for that. It takes a lot of control over the muscles that make moves, the kind coffee should be - controlled, and it is therefore better to do smaller circles as opposed to larger ones.

This movement is very sexy and something that you can use in any type of dance (this is a dance move that will impress every guy out there in the club). This is a dance move that will shape the lateral abdominal muscles and help you get rid of Love handles on the side, if you have them.

More work for abs, because, after all, the basis of belly dance - unbelievable but true - belly. But these horizontal eights will recruit and back muscles and help you get rid of fat pads with the lower back. 6th The inner circle of the hips.

This is a great dance move to tighten lower abs, which is a critical area for most women . Many are fat first collected just at the bottom of the stomach, and will consider this movement to help solve this problem. Health Fitness

This is one of the most popular movements in belly dancing, however, is not as simple as it seems at first sight. It takes a lot of precision and control of sit-ups, and that means that this is an excellent exercise for the abdominal muscles. To successfully perform abdominal waves must first overcome the isolation of the upper and lower muscles, so do not worry if you do not succeed at first. Keep trying - it's important, and eventually you will succeed!

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