Sunday, 3 November 2013

Check your eating habits!

Some people struggle with excess weight, and some may eat as much as they want? Fate? Of course not! Here 8 most common mistakes for which amass weight.

Health Pro Con Review - First for lunch plate should be filled with many people mistakenly think that the plate should be filled to the brim. Those who are really fed up after lunch they ate too much. It is better to take several smaller portions. A little trick: Use small plates, the less you stack them. Second Muesli for breakfast It is a good choice only when they are free of sugar, chocolate and contain little nuts.

A best mix them with nonfat yogurt, nonfat milk and fresh fruit. Third not fat, carbohydrate to fat is created twice as many calories as protein and carbohydrates are converted into fat pads. But beware, if you eat carbohydrates in excessive amounts, pounds will pile up again.

Salad is a dietary Yes, but only when it is in an appropriate dressing. Many sauces, in fact, contain a lot of fat. Best to make a sauce of yogurt, fresh herbs and mustard. 5th Just a slab of chocolate when you can truly stay on slab of chocolate, sweet it would be allowed. But many cannot stop and eat the entire board. So, when you feel the need for sweets rather eat a piece of fruit.

Canned sauce same as domestic unfortunately, this is not true for cold sauces contain mostly oil. It is better to make homemade vegetable sauce with tomatoes. My Web

Fish is healthy It depends on the type of fish and method of preparation. With fish fried in oil, not to eat healthy. It is always healthier cooked or grilled. 8th The more fluid liquid purifies the body, everyone is already well known, but does not care what you drink. Coffee and black tea dry, the body, so they consume a glass of water. A quench the thirst of unsweetened juices, mineral water and unsweetened fruit teas.

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