Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Super set in our coaching

Customized Fat Loss Review
The Super set is a very good training method for us as well as fitness and bodybuilding. Greatly increase the intensity of our workouts word you reduce the rest between set to minimum.

Fat Loss Program - Actually the super set is a combination of two or more exercises, where each set of not relaxing but go straight from the first to the second set. The most common choice is a super set of option 2 exercises.

If we choose three most exercises super set does not change anything in the way of execution, we set the first, second, third ... exercise, one after another without rest.

The main categories of super set are two

Same muscle groups

In this case, the exercises you perform are the same muscle group. Very efficient method, it increases blood flow to muscle groups conducting places great tension and muscle fatigue.

Examples: Bust: Openings with dumbbells in sloping bench with chest presses on flat bench. Widths: Rowing on the machine with emprostholaimies traction pulley.

Feet: Land quadriceps along with pressures to press. Shoulders: shoulder press with lateral deltoid Raise. Biceps: burn curl with dumbbells along with hammers. Fitness Workout

Super set

Triceps : Land quadriceps in pulley with kick back bent over.

Competitive muscle groups

Even a very good method super set, intensity increases, blood flow and muscle fatigue, seeing very good results our muscles. Examples: Chest back: Pressures on the straight bar bench with pull in the horizontal bar. Biceps triceps: burn curl with dumbbells along with a French pressure.

Advantages of super set

Growth hormone and testosterone. Bigger and better quality muscle mass.

Reduce training time. Better and faster results.

Activating more muscle fibers.

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