Sunday, 3 November 2013

13 minutes of exercise for slimmer and firmer body!

Sit on the floor. The legs are bent at the knee at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Put your hands on your body, palms on the floor, fingers facing forward. Then raise your hips as possible. From this starting position, do the following: Bend your elbows to lower the body closer to the ground, then at the same time extend your left leg and lift it up, and his right hand and touching her ankle on my left leg. Go back to the position of "chair" and repeat with the right leg and left hand. Exercises work alternately with the left and right foot for 30 seconds. FIXING: Independent points Exercise: shoulders, chest, back, abs

Cellulite Solution - Take a position for pushups. Make a push-up, and then move the right arm forward about twenty centimeters. Return arms to the starting position. Then again, do push-up and do the same with the left hand. Three times do push-up and move the first right arm forward and left. Return your right hand and the left and do pushups. All that repeats for 30 seconds. Pushups, if you can with your fingers, you can work with the knee, but the goal is to eventually work on the fingers. At least as much as you can. SAGORIJEVANJE: Tap the bottom

Stand up straight, feet are curled, arms at your sides. Džogirajte in place, alternately touching the foot bottom. Do this for 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds before you repeat the exercise and add it and the next. SAGORIJEVANJE: On thin ice.

Inspiration was found in speed skating. Stand with your feet hip-width. His hands were on the side. Jumped to the left, going down at the same time down the left knee slightly bent, right leg "Slide" to the left behind the left leg, also with your knees bent. Simultaneously extend your right hand and touch the ground in front of you, or even better, the outside of the left foot (as shown). Jumped to the right and repeat only what is now left leg goes behind the right and left hand touching the ground. Do this alternately, as fast as you can for 30 seconds. SAGORIJEVANJE: Reflection feet

Stand up straight and leaned forward, palms down on the ground about half a meter (or one of your step) in front of you (like the yoga pose "Dog face down," only not so distant from the feet and hands). With his hands firmly on the ground, a reflection of his legs in the air, as if trying to make a stand, but do not provide the feet, they have to be bent. Again, meet at the same place and continue to work fast 30 seconds. SAGORIJEVANJE: Sprinter. My Website

Take the position of the low start (for Sprint) - means a deep step back right foot. Left is bent, hands fingers palms on the ground level with the left foot. From this position leap into the air. Swing your right leg straight in front of you, as much as you can, and both hands clenched fists lift the chest. I'll be back down in the back step. Continue to do this for 15 seconds, then switch legs and repeat. SAGORIJEVANJE: Star

Stand up straight with your feet connected. Knees are soft, hands bent at the elbows, palms collected in fists on his chest. Holding legs together jump right in as much as you can, then also jump to the left. Again, jump to the right and then jump into the air, istovemeno expanding and extending his legs in hand. The landing again seize the starting position, and the first jump to the left, then right, then back to the left and then up in the air with his arms and legs. Do it quickly turns 30 seconds. SAGORIJEVANJE: Marines

One of the most effective exercises for the whole body. Marines or "Burpee" means push-up + squat + jump - all in one fluid motion without stopping. However, this variant is somewhat simpler because it does not go down to the end of the push-up. Stand with your feet hip-width. Put yourself in the position to push up, lift it from the push-up, and then jump high in the air with your feet, your knees as close to your chest. Does it fast 30 seconds?

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