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Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Weight Loss: Which is the real secret to success?

Customized Fat Loss Review
Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - What is the best diet weight loss and reduce the risk of chronic diseases wear? Diet is low in carbohydrates, a vegetarian diet or does some containing minimal amounts of fat?

A recent scientific study published in the medical journal "JAMA" we propose to forget the word "diet" and focus on other factors most effective in the treatment of obesity .

Kyle Leon Customized Program - More specifically, researchers Sherry Pago to from the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts and Bradley Appellants from the Medical School of the University "Rush" in Chicago, calling for an end to the debates about the diets slimming -are all equally effective or ineffective- after all, which can cause the extra confusion diaitomenon. Essentially, lifestyle changes, rather than different types of diets are the most important and effective methods of weight loss and prevention of chronic diseases.

"The funds have been used to dierefnisitou what one should consume is enormous and chronic studies have suggested that this issue does not play such an important role, as long as total calories are limited, "says characteristically Bradley Appellants. "What counts is how diet, levels of physical activity, and behavior that could in the long term to support the positive changes in the general way of life over the long term, "he says.

There are many studies that fail to show the superiority of one type of diet over another, since without substantial and sustained changes in lifestyle, the pounds that have been lost can be retrieved. Unlike other large-scale research (Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study, China Da Qing Diabetes Prevention Study) find positive effects years after their inception, when the participants have "learned" how to lose weight through lifestyle interventions them.

And when we talk about lifestyle interventions, we are talking about nutritional counseling (portion control, limiting food high calorie content, etc.), the increase in physical activity (targeting, safe exercise, etc.), but also behavior modification (self , problem solving techniques, enhancing motivation, etc). Kind of "diet" that can be used in a lifestyle intervention does not really matter, as much the behavioral nature of the approach. Fitness Reviews

But why diets fail? Scientists agree that o high degree of conformity is the component most strongly associated with weight loss and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. The five most frequently occurring challenges in helping people to lose weight are: lack of time for cooking or exercise, stress, lack of support from family and friends, lack of exercise and comrade for the persistent hunger.

Moreover, most-obese, overweight or normal-weight people know what healthy and what is unhealthy food, so the secret of success lies in adoption of consumption patterns of the first over the latter. We understand, therefore, that there is a need to look more to the study of factors that promote compliance and adoption of overall healthy lifestyles and not specific diets.

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