Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite - Ways to prevent and combat cellulite

Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite- Cellulite refers to the vast majority of women and a minority of men, regardless if they have extra weight or not. This "disease" comes from the deposition of water and fat between the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Due to poor local perfusion and swollen lipokypselon. The connective tissue loses its elasticity and the skin presents a picture that looks like orange peel. In medicine the term cellulite described an intense inflammation of skin and adipose tissue. Find more tips here =>

Categories H Cellulite appears mainly on the thighs, buttocks, stomach, abdomen, legs and the hands. Divided into three categories, depending on the severity. Cellulite A stage, known as 'loose cellulite' is perceived only palpation Cellulite B stage, also called "edema" reveals upright Cellulite stage C, the more advanced form of cellulite is called "compact" As already mentioned, a lot more at risk women.

Cellulite also show people with a sedentary lifestyle, with heredity, people yperkatanalonoun alcohol, make poor diet and even smoking. Cellulite occurs also in people with poor circulation or various hormonal disorders. Damaged psychology the "condition" is accompanied by major aesthetic problems which "flatten" literally the psychology of the individual.

There are women who get to the point to avoid even the sea, why the fear of "revelation." It is no coincidence that around the cellulite has erected entire industry. Ways to prevent and deal with the most basic of all is diet.

The high quality of foods in conjunction with the proper amount can maximize the defense against the "orange peel". When talking about quality in diet refer to meals with low fat, fiber and high protein. Furthermore, the quantities of meals should always be small, while meals regularly throughout the day. Exercising can and to protect and improve the existing situation. Follow this approach

Program is recommended as an ideal combination of aerobic and anaerobic activity. We must not forget that the main concern is to improve circulation, reduce fat, an increase of muscle tissue. In short what we need to change is the body composition, not just weight.

Adequate hydration is essential while smoking aggravate the already bad traffic. The most important natural and weapon in this battle is the total change of lifestyle, which includes all the above. It should be understood that no method fundamentally exempt from this problem since the risk literally "preys". The battle with cellulite is a marathon effort, not a sprint.

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