Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite - Fought cellulite with the help of coffee!

Truth About Cellulite
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Find more tips here - Coffee is probably the most inexpensive and effective way to deal with cellulite. And when we say coffee for cellulite ... do not mean to sit comfortably on your couch and drink a delicious glass of French coffee, but to use their beans. How? Make yourself a body scrub of coffee and take away cellulite by proper scaling of the skin!

Body Scrub with Coffee All you need is 2 cups granulated coffee (instant), half a cup of sugar or coarse salt (not recommended for very sensitive skin or frequent use) and 3 tablespoons of baby oil or even olive oil. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, get in the shower and put a quantity of the mixture in the region that has cellulite. Start with circular movements to do massage the area for about two minutes.

Rinse the area with water until it is clean and continued your bathroom properly using soap or shower gel. Follow this approach

How does it work?

The secret to this body scrub lies in the simple fact that coffee contains caffeine which burns fat. Because cellulite is superficial accumulation of fat in the skin, we do not need to drink coffee but do massage with him! Use the scrub with coffee at frequent intervals and combat cellulite simply and effectively.

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