Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite - Deal lymphatic massage!

Truth About Cellulite
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All women know the secrets of anti-cellulite ... just do not have time to implement them! Diet, exercise, creams and massage on a daily basis can clear the unsightly orange, but hardly get into the program.

Find more tips here - If you think the only thing you can do every day is to spread the cream anti cellulite or localized fat. Why of course it is easy. To get into diet is something that intimidated, fitness cannot keep everything and massage ... you do not know to do. Yet it is very simple: Learn how you can do lymphatic massage, especially against cellulite, and bid farewell forever the greatest enemy of the buttocks!

Lymphatic massage

The lymphatic massage activates the opening of lymphatic ducts and increases lymphatic flow. In simple words, this massage can dissolve fatty tissues beneath the skin and visibly reduce cellulite. If you apply it in the buttocks, thighs or abdomen will see results and even inexpensive.


Begin by massaging your whole body. Moderate pressure, pushed with your two fingers skin and repeat the movement for 5 times. Begin at the neck and descend armholes. The aim is to practice finger pressure and then releases it.

Keep pressing your palm and your buttocks in a circular motion proceeds toward the inside. Follow this approach

Using your thumb and forefinger 'Turn' skin starting your knee and moving upwards making the same move.

He repeated the last two moves to the back of your foot and your calves.

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